Learning to play guitar

Starting out as a complete beginner wasn’t easy….

There were so many things I struggled with. But because I loved guitar, it just made the whole thing so much easier.

Wanting to listen to music 24/7, even as I was going to sleep. I didn’t think I was normal… Until I found a whole community of people just like me.

It’s been amazing and I’m so grateful for the teachers and fellow students who have been there for me at this East London Guitar School and helping along this learning journey.

There’s nothing I have more than to go there and feel like I’ve been pushed outside of my boundaries… in ways that I would never do at home. But in an enjoyable and satisfying way. (Not like the gym!) haha

There’s so many things that I’ve been able to piece together because of my amazing guitar teachers.

Thank you so much and I can’t wait for my next session!

In the meanwhile, I will keep blogging about my musical interests for anyone who wants to read my posts and follow me.

Hope you are having fun out there on your own musical journey! …

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