Starting the studio

Who was 2017 when I thought that maybe now is the time To start pursuing my dreams and stop working for the corporate man. 

I really want to build something you know I’m not have my efforts go to waste. I was working 50:60 hours a week at my job, and the only reward I saw for it was my paycheque and my customers. And the moment I stopped working I know all that would’ve stopped. Having a studio meant that I could create something lasting and have an impact on the people I care most about, musicians.

It’s not easy to start the studio. To listen manual on how to do these things. People always tell you running a business is hard, enough a lot of businesses fail. While they aren’t wrong. The more people I knew in the business world and the longer I’ve been on it the more businesses I saw fell. I had high hopes for my studio I had a humble beginnings and I wanted to have humble ends. I wasn’t there to make famous musicians, but guess someone with dreams are pursuing music an opportunity to do so from the comfort of the neighbourhood.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t end up on the stages of Wembley. Being able to play with local musicians around you and other people who have similar interest, for most people, that’s enough.

I’ve been very grateful to my Customers that I’ve made this journey so will Waddingham so enjoyable. I work with some amazing musician so far. Sam has started from the very beginning were some more experience having toad ready. But all of it has been a journey for learning both for myself and for them.

Anyone who is interested in recording in rehearsing and practising for any upcoming albums feel free to drop by the studio any time. We even have teachers here who can help you and composers and other record label artist who can collaborate with you on projects that might interest you as well.

Our philosophy here is that it’s not just getting a result of your music that matters is enjoying the journey of how you create and produce I’m coaching music as well.

Here is a video on how to build a recording studio of your own for those of you who don’t live near me. But still want to do your own recording in your space.

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