Top Things You Should Know Before Starting To Learn How To Play Guitar

It looks cool when you see someone with a guitar-playing their favorite song. If you have never played guitar before, you wish you could be the person holding the guitar and magically making the music. But you already know if you want to be that person you should at least get guitar lessons. 

If you have thought of this, then you’re ready for guitar lessons. But is that everything you need to know or think of? I dare say no. You should put some basic things into considerations before you could decide to start to do any lessons on guitar. 

This article will share the top things you should know about learning guitar. 

  • Quitting Is The Number One Reason Why Most People Fail To Learn guitar 

You must have seen a talented guitarist out there. If you’re like most people, you’ll think they were born playing guitar. Because they play it naturally with a lot of ease. And watching them, you might think you can’t get to those levels. 

But the truth is no one is talented—they are only enthusiastic and dedicated to learn and keep on perfecting the skill. I understand that some people have higher learning abilities. But the truth is most of the best guitarist they are dedicated. There is no other magic. 

And people who blame talent end up quitting guitar lessons. And that’s why they fail. Not because they are not talented. But because they quit learning. 

  • Persistence Beats Talent 

It doesn’t matter how talented you’re if you don’t put the extra work into your guitar lessons. After you have learned anything, the most critical thing to do is practice. From the first day, you pick a guitar, you need to put more hours into the practice. 

After you have learned a trick, a lesson, or a technique, the only way you become an expert guitarist is if you persist with your practice. 

So, even before you begin learning guitar, you should be prepared to put in the effort to learn and be the best at it. 

  • Patience Is The Currency of Learning Guitar 

The number one mistake that most people make is to pick a guitar and expect to play like a professional after their first lesson. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen when you’re learning guitar. It takes time to learn and master the skill. 

Your fingers must get used to holding the guitar. At first, you’ll play wrong chords, your hand will move slowly, and almost all the time, you’ll miss the rhythm and beat. But this doesn’t mean you’re a bad player or you can’t learn to play. 

All you need is patience. You need to be patient with yourself. This is the only way you will persist with the lessons. 

Parting Shot 

If you have a passion for playing guitar, nothing should hold you back. Buy your own guitar and start learning. 

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